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Lesley Lui (the quick & dirty about me...)

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, by the hardest working person I know…my mom…obviously! I graduated from what I, (as well as everyone else who also attended) would consider the best university in Canada - Queen’s University! I started working for an Investment Bank pretty much right away. Fast forward 10 years (don’t worry, not much happened in those years…it was a lot of working, eating, sleeping, and some movies…I got a cat…and then another cat…and that’s about it…). A decade later….for fear of turning into a crazy cat lady (as if I wasn't already), I decided to quit my job, sell everything I had, travel the world for 2 years and re-evaluate my career choice up until that point.

My interest in photography started in high school when I inherited my cousin’s clunky Canon manual film camera (and by inherited, I mean that I swiped it from a box I found in his basement under some decapitated ninja turtles and some mouldy lucky charms…). Despite being inundated by my Asian tiger mom’s insistence on enrolling me in every extracurricular after-school program ever invented by god and man, I managed to figure out (without google, a lot of film, and every spare moment I had, in my school’s darkroom) how to properly shoot award-winning, thought provoking, mesmerizing, haunt-you-till-the-day-you-die, photographs.


I see life in photographs, emotions and memories - frozen slivers of time. Life becomes more real in a photograph because you can relish in that moment, take it for a daydream i, revisit it whenever you desire. Memories are your truest and most valuable possession, something you can take with you wherever you go.  


Well, that’s it…not that dirty, and definitely not so quick…but like everything else in life, “Talk is cheap, show me what you’ve got!". Feel free to check out my work and hopefully you'll enjoy seeing my photos as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them!


I currently split my time between Toronto & Central America, but am available for bookings internationally, and would be privileged to help preserve your most special memories!


Speak soon,

Lesley Lui


"The earth is art. The photographer is only a witness."

Let's talk

Lesley Lui

8 York Street, Toronto, ON M5J 2Y5

Tel: 647-402-6672 



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